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Leading the Way: How Female Industry Leaders At Rackley Roofing Are Revolutionizing the Roofing Industry

Leading the Way: How Female Industry Leaders at Rackley Roofing are Revolutionizing the Roofing Industry

Women are making their mark in commercial construction, a field that men have traditionally dominated. Whether working in the trades in constructing commercial or industrial facilities or filling various leadership positions, women bring incredible value to the industry. Women are leading the way in the roofing industry, and we’re here for it!

In recent years, women have revolutionized commercial roofing through their contributions. They show creativity and resilience during challenging times while demonstrating that men and women can collaborate to complete projects successfully.

Some of the Women of Rackley Roofing

Michelle Boykin, Chief Operating Officer, Rackley Roofing

Michelle Boykin

At Rackley Roofing, one of these indispensable women is Michelle Boykin. Michelle has been with the company since 2010 and is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Since that time, she has been boosting Rackley Roofing’s exponential growth across Tennessee. Equipped with a passion for innovation, Michelle found creative ways forward when the usual channels — meeting clients in person, shaking customers’ hands, joining other roofers at breakfast roundtables — were unavailable during the pandemic.

Michelle has found several new channels to help Rackley Roofing stay current, connect with customers, and expand its outreach. Some of her achievements include:

    • NRCA Board of Directors
    • Past President, CREW Nashville
    • Past Chair, National Women in Roofing (NWIR)
    • Involvement in a Facilitated Peer Group with other roofing contractors nationwide. This group exchanges ideas for best practices and focuses on new ways to improve customer service.
    • Joining, and presenting on, Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3).
    • Appearing on Roofers Coffee Shop (RCS) podcasts.
    • Opening new communication methods for improving customer engagement, including, Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom, LinkedIn, Teams, and other platforms.

Megan Malone

Another female industry leader at Rackley Roofing is Megan Malone. She is General Manager of Service in Middle Tennessee. She first considered roofing because she needed a job that would accommodate her class schedule. At Rackley Roofing, she discovered great mentors and further learning opportunities. She appreciates the family atmosphere within Rackley Roofing.

Megan Malone, General Manager of Service, Rackley Roofing

At one point in her career, Megan left Rackley Roofing to pursue a job in Human Resources (in which she has an educational background). She soon returned to the roofing profession because she missed the industry, especially the people. She discovered a career in roofing was much more rewarding than other fields.

Working as a woman in roofing, especially a younger woman, has not always been easy. Megan has faced challenges common to many women, and they are compounded by her youth. Occasionally, Megan perceives that she is not taken seriously. She has faced instances where colleagues or customers question her roofing knowledge since she is a woman. Others presume that she cannot solve problems because of her age. She often has been mistaken for being the owner’s wife or daughter.

Megan Malone, General Manager of Service, Rackley Roofing

Despite these challenges, Megan has continued to advance and flourish in the roofing industry. She is actively involved in national roofing organizations like Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) & NWIR. She enjoys these opportunities because they allow her to learn from contractors nationwide. Megan is a woman who excels in a profession traditionally dominated by men.

Megan is a former Chair for the National Women in Roofing (NWIR) Tennessee Council and currently serves on the NWIR Board as the Vice Chair of Councils. Megan is also a member of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) Young Contractor Council (YCC), and Business Management Council, and is Vice Chair of Women in Roofing (WinR).

When asked if she has a message she’d like to share with others, Megan said, “Don’t be intimidated by the line of work. Always stay hungry for knowledge, and work hard to continue to grow. Take the leap of faith because you never know where you will end up.”

Emily Lindsey

Sometimes, people in the trades know the career path they’d like to follow. But Emily Lindsey, General Manager of Service in Middle Tennessee, says she came into the roofing industry- “kinda by accident.” She had applied to work in another company’s office, not initially realizing how interesting roofing could be for a woman. Her employer (C.M. Henley Company) was eventually acquired by Rackley Roofing, and here she is, still in roofing, over 13 years later! Emily loves the roofing community, especially connecting with enthusiastic field technicians who are always ready to help with any of her questions.

Emily Lindsey, General Manager of Service, Rackley Roofing

Emily’s professional background is in outside sales for the construction waste industry. She also worked in general management for a temporary employment agency and as an inventory specialist for Landair Transport. Emily has a small side business called, “Paint Me South.” Started with a friend in 2015, they feature their home decor, antiques & refinished furniture.  All of these vocational opportunities have laid an excellent foundation for building her current career in roofing. Emily has been a member of National Women in Roofing (NWIR) since 2017. The East TN NWIR council started in 2023. She is also on the board of Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) Women in Construction.

Emily Lindsey, General Manager of Service, Rackley Roofing

Occasionally, challenges arise within the roofing industry. One such issue has been learning how to navigate the different personalities that she encounters. By taking the time to observe people and also understand the nuts and bolts of commercial roofing, Emily has become well-equipped to perceive and appreciate the different skill sets that individuals bring to the table. She lives by this advice: “Always treat people the way you want to be treated because people will always remember how you made them feel.”

Innovating the Roofing Industry

Like any business, Rackley Roofing depends on customers, vendors, and other roofing contractors. Their amazing customers motivate them to stay connected with their vendors by offering materials and installation methods that move the industry forward. Their connections with industry peers help them solve problems, learn new techniques, and promote employee safety.

As they seek to solve problems their customers face, the male and female leaders at Rackley Roofing are challenged daily to think in new and innovative ways. Pushed by customers’ building issues and the desire to help address these challenges, finding ways forward becomes more manageable as they work collaboratively with other roofing industry colleagues. The roofing profession has truly become a community where men and women from all areas of roofing and career backgrounds can work together to meet customer needs.


Helping Customers

Technology and collaboration only take a business so far. The passionate and dedicated employees within a company, such as Michelle Boykin, Megan Malone, and Emily Lindsey offer the real keys to success.

Cutting-edge technological developments have aided roofers in overcoming the obstacles brought on by the recent worldwide challenges. Collaboration with industry partners has grown exponentially in recent years. This approach continues to encourage all parties involved that teamwork makes a difference. Ultimately, industry collaboration among roofing professionals benefits commercial roofing clients. Michelle, Megan, and Emily strive to guide Rackley Roofing in a way that brings value, efficiency, and satisfaction to every customer on each job. Please contact Rackley Roofing today to learn how its innovative methods can add value to any commercial roofing project based in the Southeastern United States.

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