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The Hidden Dangers Of Neglected Gutters: Why Commercial Roof Gutter Cleaning Is Crucial

The Hidden Dangers Of Neglected Gutters: Why Commercial Roof Gutter Cleaning Is Crucial

Special consideration must be given when performing commercial gutter cleaning and maintenance. For the astute business owner or property manager, failure to reasonably manage a gutter or drainage system can result in far more consequential damage to the building (including the roofing system and foundation). Generally, avoiding this outcome can be facilitated by exercising common sense measures about routine maintenance and upkeep of the existing gutter or drainage system.

The Risks Associated With Not Routinely Cleaning A Commercial Gutter System


A business that fails to exercise reasonable due diligence over its assets and property will suffer adverse consequences. Concerning the gutter and drainage system, a property or building manager needs to involve a knowledgeable roofing professional (with extensive experience in gutter repair and maintenance) to assess its condition. Bi-annual inspection is recommended, but annual inspection is the minimum requirement.


Roofing technician working on perimeter of roof including gutters



A skilled technician can perform maintenance, upkeep, and repairs as necessary. This attention will ensure the gutter and drainage system provides extended protection against a host of hazards, including, but not limited to, structural problems, roof damage, landscaping issues, hardscaping deterioration, moisture intrusion (often resulting in mold and mildew), and pest infestation.


9 Benefits Of A Periodic (Annual Or Biannual) Commercial Gutter Cleaning


1. Avoids Potential Foundation Issues

A building’s foundation provides the framework for a business’s operations. Unfortunately, excess moisture intrusion at the foundation can cause it to crack or sink. An uneven floor may result in more significant problems like flooding and radon exposure.


2. Eliminates Pest Invasion

When a knowledgeable gutter technician assesses the gutter system’s condition, they can determine if any legitimate cause for concern exists. For example, excess debris in a gutter is an ideal nesting place for insects, bees, birds, and rodents. 


3. Ensures Proper Waterflow

The purpose of a commercial gutter system is to channel water safely through the gutters and downspouts to a location on the property where it can collect or soak into the ground. A regular check-up verifies that the existing gutters meet this expectation.


4. Extends A Roofing System’s Longevity

A high-performance commercial or industrial roof depends on an efficient and effective drainage system. Without it, the roof’s performance may become compromised and cause pooling, algae/moss growth, degradation, etc., resulting in a shortened life expectancy. 


5. Increases A Gutter System’s Lifespan

Commercial gutter systems are expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace. Why prematurely truncate the expected longevity of a significant capital investment like gutters? Routinely cleaning gutters to remove clogs ensures optimal performance.


6. Preserves Property Value

A commercial building looks much more attractive to prospective buyers if all systems work well. Neglected gutters will adversely affect the perceived or actual value of a structure. Their condition may imply other building features lack proper care.


7. Prevents Interior Moisture Intrusion

A roof leak can cause extensive moisture damage to a building. The cost to repair or replace damaged or destroyed assets, inventory, equipment, or building features can wreck a business’s bottom line. Avoid this outcome with routine gutter maintenance.


8. Protects Surrounding Landscaping And Hardscaping

Most businesses invest significant capital in landscaping and hardscaping (sidewalks, parking lots, etc.). Excess moisture exposure (such as water pooling) can erode or prematurely deteriorate these surfaces, resulting in the need for early replacement.


9. Provides Financial Savings

For a business to be successful, it must manage its bottom line, including expenses. Profit margins shrink when a company incurs an unexpected or unnecessary capital expenditure. Preventive measures reduce the likelihood of these problems arising.


How To Identify The Right Roofing Professional For A Commercial Gutter Cleaning


  • Professionalism Means Everything

How does the business operate? Do they have a physical office location? Are they licensed, bonded, and insured to protect all parties concerned, including their workers and clients? Only work with an established professional.


  • Qualifications Make A Difference

A reputable commercial roofing company will have a broad range of education, training, and certifications to support their knowledge and experience. Verify they meet an exacting standard in the industry for performing this work.


  • Reputation Counts

Today, online reviews can make or break a business (and its reputation). Perform due diligence while researching gutter cleaning providers. How they rate with existing and former customers makes a significant difference.


Choosing The Appropriate Roofing Professional For A Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Commercial building flat roofNo roofing professional in the Southeastern United States offers more extensive commercial and industrial gutter cleaning and maintenance services than Rackley Roofing. As the established leader in professional commercial roofing services in this region, Rackley Roofing understands the importance of thoroughly cleaning a gutter or drainage system periodically (ideally twice yearly) to ensure a commercial or industrial building’s well-being.


To learn more about Rackley Roofing’s extensive line of commercial roofing services (including gutter maintenance) or to schedule an appointment, contact Rackley Roofing today.


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