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Curtis Sutton Talks About Leading Rackley Roofing Through Tough Times

Curtis Sutton Talks About Leading Rackley Roofing Through Tough Times

Curtis Sutton Talks About Leading Rackley Roofing Through Tough Times

Curtis Sutton Talks About Leading Rackley Roofing Through Tough Times

The commercial roofing industry is constantly changing. New technology creates new opportunities for locating issues during roof assessments, performing strategic maintenance, and installing a better, more secure, and long-lasting commercial roof. But 2020 brought unique pandemic challenges for us to face.

Roofing contractors have to be adaptable and open to change to remain relevant in this industry. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic brought change to us all. The team at Rackley Roofing, led by President Curtis Sutton, faced this challenge with a determination to come out stronger than ever.

Sutton recently talked about the adversities brought on by the pandemic challenges and how Rackley Roofing worked to overcome these obstacles.

Getting Through the Pandemic Challenges and Beyond

Our Company Culture

Company culture is extremely influential to all aspects of a company, from leadership to every other team member. During the pandemic, Rackley’s company culture was tested.

“You can have culture in place, but if you’re not able to interact face-to-face, culture can start to fade,” Sutton stated. “It started to slip away when people weren’t able to be around their coworkers.”

The company culture of Rackley Roofing is built on a foundation of six core values, including humility, accountability, and customer service. Sutton added a morning call and created a mid-level management group to reignite these values during the decreased interaction between employees. As Sutton worked to focus on quality leadership, he also imparted insights he discovered to others.

While Rackley Roofing did adapt to the pandemic challenges, their team did not let the pandemic dictate the business or its future.

In times of uncertainty and fear, it’s best to operate with confidence and transparency. Since this is how our business has consistently operated and worked with customers, it was easy to respond in the same way to employee and customer fears during this pandemic.

Rackley Roofing has always valued communication, so we focused on maintaining communication, even when we had to change how we were communicating.

Looking Forward to the Future

The team at Rackley Roofing looks forward to a bright future. The roofing industry outlook is good. People are still building, and those buildings need roofs.

Now more than ever, Sutton understands how vital it is for every team member to be engaged and comfortable enough to voice concerns. To work toward this goal, the company partnered with a diversity, equity, and inclusion organization and created the role of Employment Engagement Manager. 

“We’re trying to transform the industry,” Sutton says. “We’re going to have mishaps along the way, but we plan to take care of the problems we have and keep going.” Rackley Roofing commits to quality and customer service. Our team is focused on transforming the industry one roof at a time. If you have a commercial roof in the southeastern US, give us a call to see what the professionals here at Rackley Roofing can do for you and your roof.

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