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What Is A Commercial Roof Inspection?

What to Expect from a Commercial Roof Inspection

What Is A Commercial Roof Inspection?

At Rackley Roofing, we know that your roof is a vital component of your building. Most business owners only think of roof inspections when issues arise or when buying or selling the structure. However, regular commercial roof inspection is a great way to prevent the roof rage leaks and water damage may cause.

Did you know not all roof inspections are created equal? The vital information gleaned from a roof inspection is only as good as the inspector’s experience and qualifications.

What is a Commercial Inspection?

An inspection is a thorough assessment of your roof, concluding with a document detailing the findings and guaranteeing the roof will last for a specific amount of time. 

The document is like a warranty stating the roof was inspected and, if necessary, repaired. 

If you are buying or selling a building, you want to ask about a roof inspection. Most building inspections are not thorough leaving the buyer and seller in the dark and sometimes unable to proceed.

How Often Should Your Commercial Roof Be Inspected?

For business owners wondering about roof inspections, it is beneficial to have your roof inspected by a professional twice each year.

Performing routine inspections and maintenance after severe weather is another good way to be proactive and prevent damage you may not notice until your roof’s performance plummets.

What to Expect When You Are Inspected?

You may wonder how long having your roof inspected will take and how intrusive this process will be. Most roof inspections are relatively quiet and take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. The variables affecting the duration of the assessment include:

  • The size and complexity of your roof
  • The roofing material and number of layers
  • The pitch and accessibility of your roof
  • The number of critical areas to document

Since telltale signs of roof trouble can show up in multiple places, the roof inspector will look at both the interior and exterior of your building.The walls and ceilings give visual clues of leaks like stains appearing on ceilings or around bathroom fans from the inside.

The roof inspector analyzes the exterior for signs of water damage like stains or dry rot. Aspects of the roof examined in the inspection include:

  • Condition of the roofing surface materials
  • Cracks, cuts, or tears
  • Damaged roof vents and flashing
  • Issues with drainage pipes, gutters, and downspouts
  • Analysis of ponding and drainage
  • Rotted or stained decking
  • Seams and flashing

During the inspection, the inspector takes photos as evidence of current or potential damage. The written inspection includes the photos with the findings and recommendations. This comprehensive, top-to-bottom assessment of your roof puts you in control of the safety and security of your building and all it contains.

What Causes Commercial Roof Damage?

You may be wondering what could cause damage to your commercial roof. A few possible causes of roof damage are:

  • Wind can cause roof surfaces to lift or loosen, especially on edges
  • Storms can bring debris and create standing water, leading to stains and leaks
  • Seasonal temperature shifts can cause cracks each time the roof expands and contracts

The Truth About Your Roof

A commercial inspection allows you to get to know your roof by looking beyond what most people see on the surface. Through the trained eyes of a skilled roof inspector, you get a clearer picture of your roof’s health with documented evidence of any issues and assurance of your roof’s future.

If you learn your roof is doing well, your roofing certificate will certify its health and estimate how long it will last.

If your roof needs some repairs, you will know what needs to be done. It is critical to act quickly because damage often does spread. Your roof needs your help.

When your roof needs repairs, try to remember these repairs are like preventative medicine. Minor repairs keep your roof in good health, so it will not need replacement before the end of its life expectancy.

Why Select Rackley Roofing?

A commercial roof inspection isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if the appraisal doesn’t include any experience, training, or certifications to back up the work. Your roof is essential, so you want to choose an established roofing contractor for your roof inspection. 

Our experienced technicians specialize in evaluating and diagnosing roofs. Our inspection utilizes cutting-edge technology, including infrared thermography technology combined with superior customer service.

Rackley Roofing has been in business since 1974, and our roofing experts will continue to be here for your roofing maintenance needs. To schedule your commercial inspection, contact us today!

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