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How Do You Keep Your Commercial Roof Maintained?

How Do You Keep Your Commercial Roof Maintained?

How Do You Keep Your Commercial Roof Maintained?

At Rackley Roofing, we know that if you own or manage an industrial building, chances are, your building’s roof may not be top of your list of priorities. However, your roof is a vital part of the structure. Ignoring issues could have devastating future consequences for the building and the business. So how do you keep your commercial roof maintained properly?

The best way to prevent your roof from being ruined is with regular roof maintenance, but do you know what roof maintenance consists of or how to ensure regular maintenance is done right?

How Do You Maintain an Industrial Roof?

Maintaining an industrial roof starts with regular inspections, at least twice each year and after severe weather events. Having a roofing professional inspect the roof lets you know if issues need attention. Maintenance tackles problems when they are minor and more manageable. Some issues an inspection can pinpoint are:

  • Weak spots
  • Sagging
  • Leaks
  • Debris
  • Standing water
  • Blocked drains

Once these issues are found and documented, you can get repairs before the damage gets too extensive. You will also know what is going on with your roof and can plan if it seems like you may need a roof replacement soon.

How Weather Affects Your Industrial Roof

The weather in the southeastern United States consists of long, muggy summers and short, cold, and wet winters. This part of the country also periodically experiences severe weather with wind and hail.

The wetness of the weather can do extreme damage, especially if the roof stays moist. Wind can cause deterioration to the roof structure, including membranes and components. Although hail is often small, it can dent and weaken the roof over time.

Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Essential

The saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is certainly true when it comes to maintaining an industrial roof. Regular roof maintenance is an investment in prolonging the life and functionality of your commercial roof.

Regular inspections clear debris and can remove accumulated snow, preventing damage and excess dampness. Assessments will also discover and deal with minor issues before strong winds bring problems to light and expose them to the elements.

What Rackley RoofCheck Can do for You and Your Commercial Roof

With the stress of operating or managing a business, regular roof maintenance can slip through the cracks right up until you see cracks in the form of leaks. A roof maintenance plan is an excellent way to stay on top of your roof’s needs without ever going up there yourself.

Rackley RoofCheck isn’t just a plan; it’s peace of mind. You get to know your roof through documentation and photos. Our professionals make sure you know what we know. 

We are on top of things when we are on top of your roof. Our roofing professionals work safely and efficiently. Plus, Rackley RoofCheck also makes it easier for building managers to ensure the commercial roof is in good condition.

You are in good hands when your industrial roof’s maintenance is in Rackley’s. If you have a commercial roof in the southeastern United States and would like more information, contact us today!

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