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Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Innovative

How To Be Innovative

Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Innovative

Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Innovative

At Rackley Roofing, our six core values, Humble, Hungry, Smart, Innovative, Accountable, and Customer Focused, make us who we are. Innovation is important to moving forward and keeping up with new technology. When it comes to being innovative, Michael Miller is one of our team members who embodies the core value. 

Why Is Being Innovative Important?

Innovation means to change practices based on new ideas or policies put into place. Being an innovative company plays a critical role in growing. Michael says, “You have to always be changing, getting better, and being more creative. You can’t be resistant to change and need to grow with the company.”

In order to transform the industry, you need to be innovative and think outside the box. You have to be willing to take risks and make mistakes in order to move forward.

How Does It Help?

On a day to day basis, we’re trying to get better and change things to make our clients’ lives improve. We’re doing what we can for the betterment of the company. We’re constantly looking how to make our teams’ lives better and how to make them better employees. We’re finding ways to implement innovative and engaging ideas for the field employees to help them want to work harder. Doing this will translate to a better product or service for our clients.

How Are We Innovative Each Day?

Listening to our team for innovative ideas is important. You never know when they might have the next big idea which could change how we do things as a company or transform the roofing industry. We make sure those ideas are heard and implemented. Michael says, “We make promises we’ll bring our customers the best. We’re an innovative company and we’re doing a lot of things our competitors aren’t, not only for our customers, but also for our team. We want to ensure our employees are happy, which in turn makes our customers happy because a happier employee means they provide the best services.”

How Does Being Innovative Help Rackley Be The Best?

Not only are we looking for ways to improve how we operate, we are also always keeping our eyes on new technology which can help us. Michael says, “Recently, we started testing Microsoft Hololens to see how they will allow an employee in the field to coordinate with someone in the office. We’re also using drones and other new technologies whenever we can.” We’ve also gotten to the point where we trust our employees to not have to come into the office everyday. There’s the technology in place to help them get the most work done they can without a needless trip to the office. 

Michael continues, “We’ve been innovative for a long time and ahead of the competition for just as long. Innovation never stops and neither will we. We live and work by it.”

If you’re in need of commercial roofing services in Tennessee, Rackley Roofing is here to help. We’ll guarantee you get the best service there is. Contact us today to get started!

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