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If I Sign A Contract With You Today: How Soon Can You Get Started On My Roof?

If I Sign A Contract With You Today: How Soon Can You Get Started On My Roof?

If I Sign A Contract With You Today: How Soon Can You Get Started On My Roof?

After you sign a contract to replace your roof, materials need to be ordered, and project managers need to be assigned before we can begin construction on the roof. Installers also need to be available. Getting the contract signed quickly is essential for getting the process started and for finishing promptly. The average time to start work after signing a contract is 2 to 6 weeks. The time frame may be affected by the time of year and delivery time of materials. At Rackley Roofing, we strive to complete every job correctly and on time.

The following considerations will show you how various items in a contract can affect the start time of commercial roof construction:


First, this contract section will include all materials necessary to complete the job. Depending on the scope of the construction, this may take a short time or slightly longer if we need to special order materials for specific areas of your roof. One benefit of working with Rackley Roofing is that we have our own Sheet Metal Division, so we can fabricate many of the specialized items we’ll need for your roof instead of having to order them! 

Common Roofing Materials can include:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Corrugated galvanized steel
  • Aluminum or Zinc
  • Copper – Shingles, tiles, or panels
  • Coated or Stainless Steel
  • (BUR) Membrane – Multiple layers of asphalt are applied to form Built-Up Roofing
  • EPDM Roof Membrane – rolled Synthetic rubber membrane
  • Shingle Roofing – Asphalt, slate, or ceramic


Next, labor costs included in your contract can consist of installing the roof, fabricating metal components, doing any necessary repairs, and cleaning up and disposing of old roofing materials. Trucks will need to haul away debris, and equipment must be brought for the job.


Meanwhile, applying for and acquiring permits takes time. This process can’t be started until both parties complete and sign the contract. The approval waiting time is out of the hands of the contractor. Authorities control the permit approval process. At Rackley Roofing, we will notify you of any delays in acquiring permits and the costs.

Payment Methods

The down payment and payment schedule will be clearly stated in the contract. Usually, there are three payments.

  • Initial Payment – This is scheduled around the time the materials are delivered.,
  • Midway – A payment is usually scheduled about halfway through the construction
  • Final Payment – Made when the job is completed

Unforeseen circumstances can occur with any type of construction. An example is deteriorating materials discovered when the old roofing is removed. These costs are estimated in the contract and will be clearly explained if this is necessary.

Roof Contract Negotiation

This process is the most common cause of delaying a roof replacement. Doing your homework before the contract signing can save valuable time. Being aware of all the aspects of roof replacement will help you to understand the details of the contract and speed up the process. 

Contract vs. Proposal

The Contract – Certain aspects of a contract can be negotiated, and state laws control other parts. When an insurance company is covering the cost, negotiating can be tricky. A professional roofing company will always be transparent about all costs and how insurance affects the pricing and material selection. The contract is legally binding once signed by both parties.

The Proposal – This is a document to inform the customer about the service provided by the roofing company. It tells the customer how the construction will be done and what materials will be used on the job. The charges for various tasks are listed to give you an idea of the scope of the construction. A Proposal is not legally binding like a contract. 


Any information regarding warranties is included when you sign the contract. The warranty’s length, limitations, and material coverage are explained in detail. Limited manufacturer warranties are listed to provide you with information about these benefits. Depending on the type of roof installation, there may be more than one warranty available. Read the options carefully to ensure you choose the best option for your building.

In addition, understanding the contract in advance helps to quicken the process and get your construction started as soon as possible. The length of time spent on the contract will affect when your building is completed. All these factors can be done in a reasonable amount of time by an experienced roofing contractor. It is beneficial for a contractor to complete a job on time.

At Rackley Roofing, we work hard to coordinate these various roof installation aspects to provide a smooth process and timely completion. We know your time is valuable. If you sign a contract with us, we’ll strive to make the project flow seamlessly so that it can be completed on time.

Please contact Rackley Roofing to discuss replacing the roof on your commercial building. We have been proudly serving customers in the Southeastern United States since 1974. Our skilled roofers are trained professionals with experience in all types of commercial roofing. Customer service is our number one priority. Our friendly staff will happily answer all your questions about commercial Roofing or any of our services. Let’s get started on your new roof today!

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