How Is Rackley Roofing Innovating The Roofing Industry With Female Industry Leaders?

How Is Rackley Roofing Innovating The Roofing Industry With Female Industry Leaders?

How Is Rackley Roofing Innovating The Roofing Industry With Female Industry Leaders?

The happenings of this recent year have been the ultimate stress test for many industries, including roofing. Finding innovative solutions to the challenges brought by the times has been a driving force for Rackley Roofing. The effort has been primarily led by Michelle Boykin, our Chief Operating Officer (COO). 

Finding Ways Forward

Michelle has been with Rackley since 2010, boosting our exponential growth across Tennessee. Equipped with a passion for innovation, Michelle has thrown herself into finding ways forward when the usual channels — meeting clients in person, shaking customers’ hands, joining other roofers at breakfast roundtables — were cut off. 

Innovating the Roofing Industry

Like any business, Rackley Roofing depends on customers, vendors, and other roofing contractors. Our amazing customers motivate us to stay connected with our vendors in offering materials and installation methods which move the industry forward. Our connections with our peers in the business help us solve problems, learn new techniques, and promote worker safety. 

Michelle has found several new channels to help Rackley Roofing stay current, connect with customers, and expand our outreach. Some of her innovative ideas include:

  • Her work with National Women in Roofing (NWIR). Michelle currently serves as Vice Chair on the Executive Committee, meeting with other talented female leaders in roofing every week. NWIR offers educational outreach opportunities through one to two webinars each month.
  • Staying involved with a Facilitated Peer Group with other roofing contractors across the country, helping to share best practices and focus on new ideas to improve customer service.
  • Joining, and presenting on, Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3).
  • Appearing on Roofers Coffee Shop (RCS).
  • Opening new communication methods to improve customer communication, including Slack, Facebook, Facetime, Voxer, Zoom, LinkedIn, Teams, and other platforms.
  • Developing project management tools such as Basecamp.

Helping Customers

Technology only takes a company so far. The passionate people in a company, such as Michelle Boykin, are the real key to success. 

The technology has helped overcome the obstacles brought by the recent worldwide challenges, and all the technology will continue to help roofers innovate. But it is all in service to you, our commercial roofing customers. Michelle serves as COO to operate Rackley Roofing in a way that brings value, efficiency, and satisfaction to every customer on every job. Please contact us today at Rackley Roofing to learn how our innovative methods can add value to your commercial property’s roofing project in the Southeastern United States.

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