Boyle Investment Company

We have been doing business with Rackley Roofing since 2004. They have performed several reroofing projects for us, along with numerous maintenance calls. Below are a few of the ways they have provided excellent customer service to the Boyle portfolio in Middle Tennessee:

  • The owner of Rackley roofing is actively involved in our projects.
  • They are easily accessible, and we can depend on them no matter the day or weather conditions.
  • Rackley offers value-engineered solutions that have stood the test of time. Also, they inform you of the right solution even though it may not be the least expensive.
  • They stand by their work.
  • Rackley has performed numerous consulting assignments at zero cost to us, even when they are not involved in the work, or the job never materialized.

For the past 40 years, I have been involved, in one form or another, in the maintenance and management of commercial buildings, and I have dealt with several roofing companies in the Southeast. My experience with Rackley has been one of the best in my career.

Kent Smith Boyle Investment Company